Monday, October 12, 2009

Rallies in San Bernadino, CA and Hazleton, PA

We held our public square rosary rally in front of the entrance to the National Orange Show.  This is the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds and was more famous back in the days when oranges were the principal commodity of the area.  It is about 1½ miles south of downtown San Bernardino and one of the busiest intersections.


It is a five way intersection which makes it ideal for a rosary rally because of the long wait for the traffic lights to change.  This gives the motorists ample time to read our banners and hear us praying.  We use a battery powered megaphone so that all the participants can hear in order to make the responses in unison and so that the passing traffic can also hear us.  A local Spanish radio station broadcast our rally event during the week of the rally.

“El sembrador” is the name of the program and is dedicated almost entirely to praying the rosary and other Catholic topics.

For the first time since we started having rosary rallies, the weather was very pleasant. Usually it is hot but this time it was cool.  There were only the usual one or two motorists who didn’t like it and spoke in “sign language” or shouted some epithet of some sort.

The rest of the people were quite inquisitive and stayed staring for long periods at the rally, reading the banners and listening while waiting for the traffic light to change.

All in all, I think it was our best rally to date even though the numbers were down a little bit from last year.  This year we had 31 people, last year it was 47.   There were other rallies nearby, but I don’t know their locations.

Timm Reese, Rally Captain



Michael Jordan and his family had a rosary rally on route 93 in Hazleton, PA.  It was a very windy day, and it was hard to hold the banner.  But it was a beautiful day,and  many people saw the rally and some offered signs of sympathy and support from their cars as they drove by.

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