Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fans of Military History Books welcome first biography of Marine Corps Legend Colonel John W. Ripley USMC

Spring Grove, PA -- October 21, 2009

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- On October 28, 2008 America mourned his death; On October 28, 2009 America will be given the chance to celebrate and honor his life; “An American Knight: The Life of Colonel John W. Ripley USMC” is now available for purchase online.


With political and public attention once again focused on the sacrifices made by our military in Afghanistan, it’s more important than ever to remember American heroes who set an example for us all.

In this first cradle-to-grave biography of Colonel John W. Ripley, author Norman Fulkerson tells the extraordinary life story of a Marine Corps hero of legendary stature; the selfless leader of combat troops and embodiment of “Semper Fi.”

“If a young officer or Marine ever asks what is the meaning of Semper Fidelis,” Col. Ripley once told a friend, “tell them my story.”

This is his story!

This book has all the right ingredients to inspire and instill a sense of purpose in a generation seeking honor and meaning. Medal of Honor recipient, Colonel Wesley Fox calls it a, “must read for all desiring to be a leader, especially those desiring to lead Marines.” General Carl E. Mundy, 30th Commandant of the Marine Corps, says An American Knight is a “fine book which provides well-deserved tribute to a great man.”

Most people know only John Ripley warrior, now they will know John Ripley the husband, father, mentor and friend.

The book is in pre-launch phase and will be released on October 28, the first year anniversary of this great hero’s death. While America mourns the passing of this Marine Corps legend, An American Knight will allow us all to do as General George Patton counseled, “thank God that such a man lived.”

An American Knight, The Life of Col. John W. Ripley USMC by Norman Fulkerson, American TFP, October 28, 2009, hard cover, ISBN: 978-1-877905-41-4| paper | 218 pp. | 33 Illustrations | $14.95 (+$3.75 P.& H.)

Pre Order at: or call 888-317-5571.

For more information, please write to author Norman Fulkerson at

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