Wednesday, October 14, 2009

From East to West, Rally Captains send in reports and photos

This is L. C., from Edenton North Carolina, and I have been unable to upload my photos.


The banner went up on 10/3/09 for the Peanut Parade.


Rally Day - All smiles, even though a thunder storm was predicted.  We were blessed with rain drops from heaven. 



Robert Ritchie,

We did our Rosary Rally exactly what has been instructed.  We had ours at the corner of Norfolk and 3rd Avenue, at San Mateo, CA.   There were 13 of us, some  Filipinos, Tongans, Spanish and Anglo.

We took pictures, but I will send them later, I have to get it from our photographer.   We felt so good after that.  Even one young lady waited till we finish and she approached us with her Bible reading the Ten Commandments.  We just ignored her.

Thank you so much.

O. P.


Hi Robert,

Thanks so much for al you did to organize this Rosary rally event! I know that Our Lady is blessing you and all involved in America Needs Fatima with an abundance of graces.

I want to let you know how our Rosary Rally went.

It was raining on Saturday morning and I only expected me and the person who said they would lead the Rosary to come my surprise...the rain stopped at noon and it cleared  up the rest of the day and about 20 people joined me in praying the  Rosary from noon to 1 o'clock.

We followed the pamphlet that you provided on your website and we ended with the song Hail Holy Queen while processing with the Our Lady of Fatima statue. 

I used my same homemade signs from the last 2 years which focus on praying the Rosary, converting your heart and bringing peace to the world. 

But other people brought their signs related to abortion and Obama.  I really did not want this message to be a part of the Rosary Rally but I also did not know want to hurt the feelings of the person who brought these signs and the people who were holding them. 

I wonder  how I can avoid these signs from being used in future Fatima Rosary Rally's.  DO you have any suggestions?

I also am very thankful for the 2 posters that you sent me in the mail.  You are very generous and they came just in time! :)

I love the fact that the American flag was on the background of these posters.    I think it is important to pray for everyone in the WORLD and not just people in America, so I mentioned the request to convert everyone in the world when I recited the Rosary intentions.

God bless & thanks again for all you do!
Yours truly in the hearts of Jesus and Our Blessed Mother,
S. :)


Dear Mr. Ritchie,

I wish to thank Our Lord, Our Blessed Mother and you for the opportunity to serve Our Lady in such a lovely way. 


With the help of T. R., the Rosary turned out to be a great blessing for all who attended. 


May God continue to increase the love of His Mother in many hearts through the rosary. 


The pictures I am sending were taken at our Saturday Rosary Rally.  


May Our Lord and his beautiful Mother bless you always.

A.H., Rally Captain

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