Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Catholic Church attacked in Cairo, father of postulant shot repeatedly and killed

While most American Catholics were celebrating Mother’s Day in a peaceful and joyful manner, Catholics in Egypt were being killed and a Catholic Church was attacked by rioting Muslims.

According to Spiro news, Muslims entered a Catholic Church in Cairo, shooting and shouting.

A Catholic missionary who is a member of the Comboni order witnessed the scene.  He said that one of Catholics killed in the weekend violence was the father to a postulant in the Comboni order who had been doing missionary work in Uganda. 

The man’s chest was riddled with bullets.


  1. When will the world recognize that freedom of speech is over and new minorities are created even as we speak?

  2. The Catholic church started with persecutions of its new members. Courageously the newly converted persevered and grew, because there was hope in being a Christian. As the church goes through this new time of persecutions will we stand with our fellow Christians with faith and hope.