Saturday, May 21, 2011

Flood-threatened Town Prays to Our Lady; gets favorable Northern winds

PIERRE PART, La., May 19 -- Residents of a small town in southern Louisiana say they have already seen signs the Virgin Mary is helping protect them from floodwaters.

Pierre Part residents have gone to Virgin Island for more than a century to ask the Mother of God's intercession when disaster looms. They did so a few days ago when water began spilling into the Atchafalaya Basin after the opening of the Morganza Floodway.

Ray Crochet said the north wind has kept the water moving south, away from Pierre Part and its canals and bayous. He attributes that to the Virgin's intercession.

"The north wind is one," said Crochet. "That is odd, that's the weirdest one. In May, you don't have that."

The statue of the Virgin Mary was placed on Virgin Island after it survived a flood that put the church underwater, Crochet said. Pierre Part residents say the town will survive as long as the Virgin's feet remain dry.


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