Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Would you please sponsor a tank of gas for Fatima Custodian Joseph Ferrara?

Because of your love for Our Lady of Fatima, please consider helping  Fatima Custodian Joseph Ferrara with a tank of gas so he can take the beautiful pilgrim statue of Our Lady of Fatima into homes all across America.


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See, when you donate a tank of gas, you become Joseph's long-distance traveling partner. And you participate in his apostolate and share the merits of his work and prayers.

Joseph consecrated his whole life to Our Lady.

Like all of our Custodians, he has a tremendous level of dedication – he is a full-time volunteer and does NOT receive a salary!

Instead, he depends entirely on support from you, and other good people like you.


Actually, sometimes, if he can't find a friendly place to lay his head, he has to sleep in his van. And if he isn't invited for a meal, he puts his few dollars together to buy a sandwich.

So please believe me when I tell you that he is totally dedicated to Our Lady, but he needs a special friend like you so that he can stay on the road, and continue to take the Fatima message into people's homes.

In fact, when you donate a tank of gas and help Joseph, you can be right there with him, day and night.

Because without your support right now, Joseph might not be able to take the Pilgrim Virgin Statue into more homes, which is sometimes the only way, many families have to learn the Rosary, and hear the Fatima message, and start on the path to conversion.

You and Joseph will make a great team for Our Lady!


When you donate a tank of gas to Fatima Custodian Joseph Ferrara, you will establish a spiritual partnership with him, and will share in his prayer, sacrifices and supernatural merits.

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