Sunday, May 15, 2011

Public Square Rosary in Bridgeport, CT Honors Our Lady

Faithful Catholics gathered on Saturday May 14th to pray a Public Square Rosary Rally to honor Our Lady and make a public act of reparation in Bridgeport, CT. 


Despite the chaotic atmosphere and hustle and bustle of all the cars and trucks, with their loud radios, these Catholics found solace and peace of soul in being able to honor Our Lady in her month of May.

One woman with her small son who was driving by, stopped and asked if we were giving away rosaries; she was promptly provided two rosaries she could keep.  She blessed and crossed herself with the rosaries and drove of, but not before being given the good advice of making sure she prayed them!


Those attending the Rosary Rally prayed the rosary, with other prayers mingled in between and ended by singing Immaculate Mary.  The time passed very quickly and before we knew it we were done.  One often ponders what graces they attract from God and Our Lady for themselves, their families and their country be attending one of these Public Square Rosary Rallies.  One may only know on their day of judgment what good they effected on other peoples souls who observed this witness of their Catholic faith.

It brings a person great peace of soul when they think about how this simple action of doing penance by praying in public, pleases Our Lady and Our Lord, who are so often offended by the public sins or our cities, towns and country.  What a wonderful act of love! 

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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