Saturday, May 14, 2011

The importance of being faithful to one’s first certainties

At the first stage of the development of the soul in a child, perfection is intimately related to innocence.

This is made manifest in the fact that child sees everything as perfect -- the father is perfect, the mother is perfect, the little cradle or small bed is perfect, the toy is perfect, the little flower he picks in the garden is perfect.

The child has a certainty and a force of logic that is one of the greatest joys of the spirit and the opposite of the putrid egoism of people who become old and cynical.

This strength and this energy of logic produce a gusher of initial certainties that can make the soul, if it is faithful to this, be endowed with certainty and filled with light throughout life; and also with energy and capacity to feel happy in spite of tribulations.

This way of being of childhood innocence does not happen with all children exactly as described here. In our day, there is an incredible emptiness that has entered history and has drastically affected innocence in souls.  But something still exists.

Because of the graces of baptism, childhood is an apogee.  The question is to know whether man’s life afterward grows from apogee to apogee until old age or rather goes through “vortexes”...

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