Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This saint was miraculously freed from prison by Our Lady so he could celebrate her Assumption

      May 11 -------- St. Mayuel of Cluny

St. Mayuel was born in Avignon, France in 906.  After becoming a canon of Macon, he became a monk at Cluny where he was elected Abbot and governed for almost 50 years. 

In 973, Abbot Mayuel was traveling from Rome with a large number of men who sought his company because they felt secure in the presence of such a holy man. 

Nonetheless, on their passage through the Alps, they were attacked by Saracens who imprisoned them with chains.  St. Mayuel, greatly afflicted, prayed that God would protect his charges from danger and his prayers were answered. But much mischief was inflicted during their imprisonment. 

When the Moors mocked the Catholic religion, St. Mayuel strongly objected and was thrown into a deep cave for speaking the Truth and for exposing error.  However, Our Lady did not abandon her devotee. 

In the cave, St. Mayuel found the book, "Treatise of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin", which prompted him to ask Our Lady to be freed in order to celebrate her feast day. 

Miraculously, he was freed from his chains, stupefying his Arab captors, and soon ransom money arrived just in time for the saint to celebrate Mass on August 15, the feast of the Assumption.

God tested the confidence of the saint's companions when they were captured instead of finding safety.  But their lives were saved as the saint requested and they were also witness to the holy actions of a great saint. 

They saw St. Mayuel be miraculously transported from a prison and from the chains that bound him there. They saw him exit a deep cave effortlessly and celebrate the Sacred Mystery on the special feast of Our Lady.  They literally saw the triumph of good over evil  when all seemed lost.

Let us ask St. Mayuel for the grace to apply the grace of confidence in our own lives. to know that Divine Providence is always ready to give us more that we ask or deserve and to trust that Our Lady will be ever with us keeping us in her maternal care.

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