Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just when you think the growing wave of blasphemy may subside, you learn of new and more atrocious blasphemies that appear…

This happened now in Jamaica, where The Observer newspaper published a photograph of a blasphemous, naked sculpture of Our Lord Jesus Christ. But that was not enough.
They carried three pages of photos and commentary on the obscene and blasphemous sculpture inside that issue, the Easter Sunday edition – three pages!
So, Our Lord was not only insulted by a front page blasphemy in The Observer, but He was insulted by the 3 pages of offensive photos and commentary inside the newspaper on Easter Sunday.

The artist Laura Facey defended her work, saying: “If you don't create a stir, then what's the point of doing the work?”

About this blasphemy, the Archbishop Emeritus Donald Reece of Kingston said:

“I wonder if an artist had caricatured the prophet Mohammed or some aspects of the Qur’an, if you would have featured it so readily and prominently in your newspaper.”

The details of this obscene blasphemy against Our Lord are truly disgusting. It is a 10 foot figure, an armless and legless torso, made out of Styrofoam and called “The body and blood of Christ!”

This is a most terrible blasphemy against the Sacred Person of Our Lord. And as Catholics, we must offer reparation for this sin.

Please offer reparation and please protest, in polite yet firm terms, to The Observer by using this contact information:

Jamaica Observer

40-42 1/2 Beechwood Avenue,
Kingston 5, Jamaica, W.I.
Main phone #:

876-920-8136 or 876-926-7655




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