Monday, May 16, 2011

This saint was jailed, tortured, bound and thrown into a river for refusing to break the seal of Confession – miracle rescue!

  May 16 --------------------- St. John Nepomucene

St. John Nepomucene, the most popular saint of Prague, was born in a home mystically lit by celestial lights.  As a young child, he was afflicted with a grave illness and then cured of it by the Holy Virgin. After he was ordained, he dedicated his life to preaching and thereby changed the customs in many of the cities of Bohemia.

The King of Bohemia, having been influenced by the heretic, John Hus, ordered St. John to break the seal of confession by telling him what his wife, the Empress, had confessed.  When St. John refused, the King had him thrown into prison and tortured.

Seeing that these persecutions had no effect, the King finally had St. John bound and thrown into Moldau River. When his body hit the water, five stars miraculously appeared over the spot. The King became terrified, but the miracle converted many tepid souls and did a great deal to defeat the spread of heresy in the region.

St. John's untiring work and fervor warranted that God crown his martyrdom with a stupendous miracle which then quelled error from taking hold. One could ask why God does not allow more miracles to take place today. The answer could come in the form of a question:  Does modern man believe in miracles or more in science? 

Does not modern man expect that all phenomena has a scientific explanation?  Why then would God try to speak today through miracles if most men would disregard their message?

Our Lady of Fatima knew this when she predicted that a chastisement would come in order for the world to convert.  Let us pray then to her for the fidelity and fortitude to live the Fatima message and to spread it far and wide.

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