Saturday, May 28, 2011

This saint opposed the Arian heretics at the council of Sardica, and was "excommunicated" along with St. Athanasius

                    May 29 ---------- St Maximinus of Trier

When the Holy Catholic Church is in greatly attacked, God raises up saints who do whatever is necessary to protect Her.  St. Maximinus is one of those pastors.

St. Maximinus' was of noble birth, born in Poitiers in the 4th century.  Upon hearing of the sanctity of St. Agritius, bishop of Triers, he sought him out to gain a virtuous education.  After being ordained and upon the death of St. Agritius, St. Maximinus was chosen his successor in 332.

His orthodoxy was well known, and so was his enmity for Arianism.  So when St. Athanasius was banned for his defense of Holy Church, St. Maximinus received him joyfully.  The two saints worked side by side for several years to prevent the spread of the vicious lies and deceptions of the Arians heretical sect. 

They worked with indefatigable vigilance, heroic courage and exemplary virtue.  Then our saint cautioned the Emperor against the intrigues and snares of the Arians, his very life was at risk, only to have him work harder to discover the Arian artifices and oppose their faction.

After opposing these heretics at the council of Sardica in 347,  he had the honor to be "excommunicated" along with St. Athanasius by them.  He died in Poitou in 349.

In the 4th century a large number of Catholics were led astray by the Arian heresy.  Today, the Catholic Faith has seen many of her members leave her bosom to embrace heretical sects.  Let us pray to St. Maximinus to enlighten our hearts and minds with the Truth, to embrace It fully, and to defend It at every opportunity.

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