Thursday, May 19, 2011

This saint-hermit became Pope and did his former austerities and lived in solitude among the pomp of his office

                       May 19 ------------- Pope St. Peter Celestine

St. Peter Celestine, called the Phoenix of the Church, was born in Abruzzi, Italy during the 13th century.  As a young child, he had visitations from Our Lady, the saints and the angels.

With all innocent candor, he related all to his pious mother, who would accept it as a very natural occurrence.  For many years, he lived as a hermit, turning his back on worldly pursuits and, thereby, attracting large crowds wishing his sagacious counsels.

Although St. Peter felt totally unworthy to celebrate Mass, he submitted upon hearing a Divine Voice say, "... who is worthy of such a thing? Celebrate it, despite your unworthiness, but offer it in fear."

Then on August 29, 1294, the hermit that hesitated to say Mass was elevated to the Papacy.  He only submitted to this high office by the prompting of the Kings of Hungary and Naples who convinced him that the Church needed his leadership.  During his entire pontificate, he continued his former austerities and lived in solitude among the pomp of his office.

How glorious to have a saintly person sit in the Chair of Peter.  Let us pray to Pope St. Peter Celestine asking for a multitude of Catholic leaders who will help to restore Christian Civilization.

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