Tuesday, May 17, 2011

While traveling in France, this saint was almost murdered by a Calvinist preacher for triumphantly defending the dogma of the Real Presence

         May 17 --------St. Pascal Baylon

St. Pascal was born in 1540, at Torre-Hermosa, in the kingdom of Aragon. His parents were day laborers from whom he learned piety and devotion to Our Lady.  Wishing to know more and more about his Holy Catholic Faith and not having the means for schooling, he pursued all he met to teach him the letters.  In a short time, this method proved successful in teaching him to read. 

Through pious literature and daily meditation, St. Pascal acquired a most sublime experience of spiritual things, for which many sought instruction.  After some time, he became a lay brother Franciscan, always advancing in the spiritual path.

While traveling through several cities in France,  St. Pascal triumphantly defended the dogma of the Real Presence against the blasphemies of a Calvinist preacher and narrowly escaped death for his courage.  His unfailing efforts for orthodoxy, earned him the title of " seraph of the Eucharist."  St. Pascal died on May 17, 1592.

St. Pascal's life teaches some very important lessons. The first is the importance of always advancing in the spiritual life; the second, is to use the victories gained for the purpose of advancing the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and all of Her doctrines. 

Let us hope and pray that if God would grant us fervor in the spiritual life, may He also grant us the wisdom to use it for His Church and for Christian Civilization.

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