Friday, May 20, 2011

Outrage grows as obscene anti-Christian album receives government funds

by Rebecca Millette

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 19, 2011 ( – Canadian punk group “Living with Lions” has drawn outrage for its obscene anti-Bible artwork and representation of Jesus Christ on their new album – funded by the Canadian government.

The album, entitled “Holy S—-,” is designed to look like a Bible, with black cover and gold writing, yellow, faded pages, and lyric layout similar to Bible verses.  It is subtitled, “The Poo Testament,” and represents Christ as excrement.

The group’s project was funded by the Canadian government through the Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings (FACTOR), a fact the band acknowledges on its back cover.  FACTOR approved a $13,248 grant to Black Box Recordings Inc. to assist the band’s recording.

The Minister of Canadian Heritage expressed his astonishment and concern with the offensive album in comments to the Vancouver Sun today.

“The content of this CD is offensive and the fact that that it is clearly designed to offend a group of Canadians based on their faith is simply wrong,” Moore’s spokesman, James Maunder, told the Vancouver Sun. “The Minister has called Duncan McKie, president and CEO of FACTOR to express his profound disappointment with this content.”

Meanwhile, Black Box Recordings’ co-owner Ian Stranger wondered what all the fuss was about.  “I think there’s a tongue-in-cheek element of this record people may be missing. I don’t think it’s meant to be a serious criticism or commentary on religion. It’s a joke,” Stanger told the Sun.

“I’d like it to be well understood that the lyrical content on this record makes no reference to any religious themes whatsoever,” added Stranger. “We allow our artists to take whatever artistic course they decide to and we value the support of FACTOR through Canadian Heritage.”

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Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore

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