Monday, March 23, 2009

How to take advantage of the visit of Our Lady's statue to your home


We received a note today from a hostess as a result of a home visit with our Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima. 

    She commented on how the two custodians were both, such gentlemen. 

    She also noted her disappointment at such a low turnout of guests.  She tried and tried to get people to attend.  She wrote that she was disappointed that she was unable to please Mary with more people.  She was also unhappy with the reasons given why people could not attend, after all it was the Queen of Heaven who was visiting her home.

    This devoted hostess understands so well the importance of welcoming Our Lady to a home. 

    If you have the grace to host the pilgrim statue at some time, I highly recommend that before you do anything, that you first of all pray asking Our Lady to draw souls to Her at the visit.  It is amazing what Our Lady will do to draw souls to Her.   We have heard all sorts of accounts of guests who just moved into the house next door, or who were not able to leave town because of a snow storm, so they decided to attend the visit and receive the graces of Our Lady.

    After asking Our Lady to touch hearts and souls, begin jotting down the names of those whom you would like to invite.  Mail them a copy of our sample invitation that you will receive in the mail.  Don't stop there.  Many people today are extremely busy, and as a result, they even forget about things they truly would like to do such as attend a visit with Our Lady.  Be sure and call them as it gets closer to the day of your visit and gently remind them. 

    Make your list as long as you can.  Invite anyone you know who needs Our Lady.  It can be a relative, a friend, a neighbor, an acquaintance, even someone who is not Catholic.  You will be surprised at the openness that Our Lady creates in souls when we pray for them and show persistence in inviting them.  Look at it this way, you are offering the guest you invite a tremendous grace, it is you who are favoring them.  A grace from Our Lady is worth more than all of the wealth of the entire world and you are offering this for free!

    Especially try to encourage young people to attend.  As we all know, our nation is experiencing a tremendous moral crisis. Sadly, we all observe that our youth are very much influenced by this crisis.  Our Lady desires to bring them out of these bad influences to the safety of Her Immaculate Heart.

    If we really believe in Our Lady and Her grace, we should have every confidence that Our Lady will offer immense graces to all who come to visit Her.  They may even attend with reluctance, but once Our Lady's graces go to work, who can resist Her?

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