Thursday, March 19, 2009

Saint Joseph Prayer and Feast

Today, we celebrate the feast day of Saint Joseph, foster-father of Our Lord, chaste spouse of Our Lady, patriarch of the Church, and protector of the needy.

Please take advantage of Saint Joseph's great intercessory power to ask for graces on his feast day.

Yes, ask, ask and ask. Do not be shy in asking. For example, Saint Teresa of Avila said this about devotion to Saint Joseph:

"I wish I could persuade everyone to be devoted to this glorious saint, for I have great experience of the blessings which he can obtain from God. I have never known anyone to be truly devoted to him and render him particular services that did not notably advance in virtue, for he gives very real help to souls who commend themselves to him. For some years now, I think, I have made some request of him every year on his festival and I have always had it granted. If my petition is in any way ill directed, he directs it aright for my greater good."

So, if you need a very special grace, I hope you will pray to Saint Joseph.

On my end, I'll be praying with you, asking Saint Joseph to hear your prayer and answer your plea with an abundant response.

Prayer to Saint Joseph

O thou, whom no one has ever yet invoked in vain, thou, whose power with Our Lord and Our Lady is so great, that it has been truly said, "In Heaven, Joseph commands rather than supplicates," tender father, intercede for me!

St. Joseph, be my advocate with thy Divine Son, Whose foster-father and faithful protector thou wert here below. Add to all thy glories, that of gaining the despaired of cause that I confide to thee. I believe, yes, I believe thou canst obtain my deliverance from the troubles that overwhelm me, and the desolation in which my soul is plunged. I have the firm hope that thou wilt neglect nothing in favor of the afflicted who invoke thee.

Humbly prostrate at thy feet, dear St. Joseph, I implore thee to have pity on my tears, cover me with the mantle of thy merciful protection and bless me. Amen.

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