Friday, March 27, 2009

"I think Our Lady adapts and touches souls of every ethnic origin..."

One of our custodians related to me a beautiful story about a Fatima home visit that took place a few days ago.

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    The host family was hispanic and had about a dozen other hispanic guests over for their home visit.  Fortunately for the custodian, one of the guests spoke English.

    At the end of the presentation the custodian asked if anyone had any questions.  The hostess asked if the statue of Our Lady changed color.  The custodian responded, not as far as he knew.  The hostess then related that a few weeks previous she had attended the visit at a home and, she said that at that visit Our Lady was very white like the custodian.  After a brief chuckle from those present, she went on to explain that in her home Our Lady appears brown like them. 

    The custodian answered that he did not doubt it in the least.  He explained that Our Lady in Her love for souls tries to touch each soul in a way that creates the greatest affinity with Her.  He also explained how the various nations and peoples give God tremendous glory, as each nation contains a facet of the jewel that is Christian civilization.  Our Lady touches that facet as a means of drawing those souls more closely to Her.

    At the end of the exchange the hostess explained that the feet of Our Lady were still white, the custodian remarked, that Our Lady kept Her feet white for him who was also white.

    It is impressive to see the deep and innocent devotion in souls that see these kinds of things.  They see Our Lady, truly as the Mother of God and their Mother.  They do not look at Our Lady with the cold logic of contemporary man.

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