Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Luxembourg Officially Becomes Third European Nation to Legalize Euthanasia

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg ( --


The tiny European nation has become the third to legalize the grisly practice of euthanasia on the continent. In February 2008, the parliament initially approved a bill to legalize the practice and then voted on a motion to strip the powers of Grand Duke Henri, who refused to sign the bill into law. Lawmakers approved allowing doctors to directly help patients kill themselves without facing any legal consequences.

Henri's actions helped delay implementation of the bill, which the parliament had approved on a vote of 30 to 26. Eventually the parliament unanimously voted to remove the power of the Grand Duke by changing article 34 of their constitution. Alex Schadenberg, the head of the North American-based Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, ash been following the developments in Luxembourg and says he's disappointed the law will go into effect and put elderly and disabled patients at risk.

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